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Dialect Coach Breaks Down Iconic Movie Accents

We often take for granted the excellent performances that actors present to the camera while in the comfort of the theatre or the living room couch. So much so that we may forget how challenging it is to get a perfect take. Accents in movies and TV shows frequently miss the mark in ways that we may not even be able to pinpoint, yet certain actors are able to deliver them flawlessly. Unfortunately, minute failings in an accent are all but sufficient to let the subconsciously mind feel that something is amiss, even if the audience isn’t familiar with the intended accent.

In this Wired video by Joe Sabia, dialect coach Erik Singer breaks down various iconic movie accents, detailing the accents’ origins, characteristics, and nuances. He also highlights the actors’ level of delivery of the accents as well.

Want to watch more? The following is another video of Singer breaking down 31 other reenactments of real people.